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ePublication on Wind Issues

This ePublication is a sample of how businesses and institutions can use their expertise to increase learning and understanding. Many of the top universities in the world are already doing this by offering free online courses, which showcase instructors and help market their institutions. Potential clients or learners can use the ePublication to assess the credibility and knowledge of the company or organization.

Technical writing, editing and communication

Steve Harder, owner of of Profiles & Projects Avalon, has more than 10 years’ experience in technical writing, editing, design and communication. He uses these skills to make complex topics and issues easier to understand. The form of communication varies, depending on the audience.

With a background in journalism, a degree in environmental studies, and an interest in making complicated topics more accessible, Mr. Harder has worked with clients to produce customized approaches to specific needs.

You also get the benefit of more than 10 years' project work experience.

Become part of a vibrant local & regional electronic marketplace

A current project involves partnering with the Masstown Market and other businesses to create a vibrant electronic marketplace and network that is both local and regional.

Profiles of businesses, organizations and people in the Fundy Northumberland Region that link communities through electronic profiles maps can be accessed by the map on the right:

Fundy Northumberland Region Map
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Why you can trust us to tell your unique story in a custom profile

Owner Steve Harder has extensive experience in print and electronic communication as a writer and photographer, with a good understanding of effective design. He'll work with you to show customers what your business has already accomplished and how it can meet their needs. Marketing Coordinator Deborah Harder has extensive experience in tourism and marketing. You can trust us to help you tell your unique story.